10 Funniest Bulldog Videos

these people Yvonne treat our cousin pound bowls is by the staff pool do you want this one instead come on how’s she found it she’s like wait I’m gonna come up and get both she’s gonna issue knows better than to run it he shall choke herself okay Rumble dog clown monster he’s a statue there he goes oops epic fail at least he’s moving on the towel now he wasn’t moving on it before good boy good boy you can’t get up here nobody get down ow no no nope nope yeah yeah yeah papi yeah good papi yeah Bobby as you are as you are look like his laughing oh good Bobby get there good boy buddy-buddy that box is a little too small for you it’s not quite it’s not quite your size you know I think you’ve got other options to choose from over here but I don’t think that one’s quite for little Bulldogs you think you hate guts for Bulldogs I think that’s a bulldog size box no way I mean you can sit there if you want but what Chaucer Oh Josh this feel really gentle you I

1 year ago

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