11. Lazy Gecko Sailing – Our Finances and we swim with English Bulldogs (Part 1)

this time on the lazy geckos we continue working on our boat projects we test our English Bulldogs swimming ability and their brand new lifejackets and we start a three part series on our finances we talk details about our savings budgeting and finally buying our sailboat these are the these Oh someday for days Hey I wish these are the nights of the cloudless sky all right here we are episode 11 yes we cannot believe that it’s been 11 episode of the funkin I know and we keep getting better and better at what we’re doing and think we are yeah hopefully no the feedback you know really helps us and it’s become like more more exciting as we go along to like during the process yeah you know when we post and like isn’t done processing who said what how many likes how many dislikes I don’t care about the dislikes wrong years yeah you know you don’t have to click it doesn’t matter then bother you huh you know it’s like just like a talking I think she does that so you want to get out of here now I like to think of what is wrong with this kid to go along with that we wanted to talk about our PayPal donations in our new patrons our to PayPal donations that we recently got are actually from two of our patrons so thanks guys Christiane and Randy yeah Randy actually sent us a picture he got his t-shirt need he actually ordered a couple more koozies and he was sitting there with his t-shirt on Cousy with variant watching our video which is pretty dope you can see that on Facebook and Christian your stuff is on the way to you out there in Germany I wouldn’t it we sent it Express vote may also be like six months to a year you should be good depending on the weather the wind I’m just kidding no it’ll be there soon yeah for sure yes thank you guys moving on to our patrons we have quite a few we are so thankful for and very excited to share with you guys so since there’s so many we’re just going to run through them quickly I’m going to start with Jason we actually had two of them once felt with the wine once felt normally thank you guys right Ryan Maxwell Jeff Stefan Todd Rob George Jessie Paul lobster like oh that’s different what a cool name I guess I’m incognito yeah you don’t want to know who you are David Mark and death oh yeah yeah we got doing last night and those awesome you know and we run through the names in the video so everything that’s great but really you know we reach out and we we try to talk to every single person through email we did communicate a lot of people we find some awesome stories out there and awesome ideas lots of friendships we’re actually meeting with a couple patrons tonight for dinner yeah which is cool yeah we are known so we don’t worry about anything that is fucking we’re setting up more with other feature yeah no it’s really cool yet we’ve really met some awesome people moving on to what this episode is about we’re going to we’re going to get in depth over a three-part series about our finances everybody wants into the numbers you know how what happened how they get that a video of it from some other school rich kids that living off mommy and daddy so I got yeah so we figured what we do is do a little three-part series because there’s a lot to talk about the first I wanted to talk about this are saving how we started to save and how we did that and then we’re going to talk about the next one we’re going to talk about our budget now and then talk about what we paid for the boat right now we are mounting our things around the boat like remounting the TV placing a picture that I painted this is a plaque that Jeremiah got me for our anniversary right after we decided that we were gonna do the boat for sure it is the longitude and latitude of the exact place that we met in Key West so that was really really thoughtful I I don’t know how he came up with that but he’s trying to top this scrapbook that he did for me which is amazing the best gift ever he like oh I can’t believe it anyways so it says wherever we had let’s never forget where we began I thought it was so sweet it’s still really is touching so right now I’m gonna hang it up in the focal point of our boat are you ready mm-hmm we don’t screw this up crooked huh how’s that here we go it’s perfect I love it our spending was out of control when we first met in going on eight years ago we were totally like in golf games consumerism you know you know we found that whenever we’d say hey you know what do you want to do our ideas would always be involving spending money somehow go in the store going off to dinner something but it always involved spending money like most Americans yeah and I mean that’s what you want to do that’s fine but we just realized that was an issue for us because everything got final with my child support that was one thing it was a hefty song yes so you you know you pay your child support or when they’re not with you but when they’re also with you for the 50% you have to support them at your home – yeah so it was a reality check for us and it really was a blessing in disguise because we were able to with ourselves into shape and cut everything for rags I would cut up his old work t-shirts and that’s what we would use instead of paper towels yes so instead of paper captain buying paper tops with how sweet reason for the way we would have a bag full of old Cup t-shirts and we would use those and then what we love to get pizza love it so I took on the crazy chore and calling it short because it is hard to make on my own dough on my own sauce everything and I made us pizza every weekend from scratching that’s hard for us not like anything from but it’s seasonal flowers it saved us so much money there are a couple dollars compared to anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars yeah but moving on another big was you started doing your own hair place yeah well I had hair at the time kind of anomalous you know cutting enemies and I say good buzz but I it was like 10 bucks a week and if you what I did is I got into a blog of mister money mustache it’s this really great blog about living frugally and really enjoying life as it’s supposed to be enjoyed instead of sitting in front of a video game or watching movies or going out to dinner so this you know when you simplify things you really do start to enjoy the basis of life so I started going mountain haircuts I even YouTube how to cut the girl’s hair and we did that and none of them came out looking like a Joe jerk or anything like that no he did cut my hair and our daughter Jessica’s hair with the other two girls didn’t do it Trevor gets his hair cut by Jeremiah as well I gave up my nails and my pedicures which I was all happy to do because there was a bigger picture there right you know and we don’t spend on clothing ever I mean once a year we’ll go out you know get what we need the major items that we cut on that a lot of people do in their daily lives are car payments gym membership and cell phone we went down to no gym membership purchased our own weights that we were able to find in a garage sale started working out in the home which is great practice for the boat and our carpeting anymore I will be able to talk right now but we’ve always been huge gym fanatic not I look like a soggy piece of bacon we’re going to start with the boat okay what are we doing now I’m putting our gecko up but uh we got for Christmas actually like a late Christmas isn’t like mid January yeah should be good now solid swiping blue ah so it doesn’t drip down it did drip on you Sethi but I’m gonna make me push him what do you think about the painting you’re painting beautiful adds a lot of color I did um love anchors and I did all the initials for our kids so there’s a shin Megan Jessica Trevor even though the teak I don’t like Jeffrey’s mommy and daddy one large project that we have started is adding netting to all sides of the boat this was quite the job because after researching we decided to do it entirely with cord instead of using zip ties like a lot of sailors do we opted to use this method after researching and learning that the cord provides a stronger support system for the netting we got all of our netting cords and accessories from sailrite we would have done a how-to video with this but instead we just followed sailrite’s awesome how-to videos that you can find on their website so what we did was we got our savings rate to 65 about 65 percent so we knew that you know we were having a wall come hey my paychecks going to end a very small pension will start and we’re going to reduce our way of life so that we can live off that pension and that’s what we did so what we did is we used the savings that we accumulate accumulated and we use that to get into the boat and now all we plan on living off our very minimal pension but if you live perkily like we’ve but we’re used to doing you can do that and it’s an adjustment you can’t just you know make it happen overnight it takes time to reject slowly you have to change the way you think and the way that you do things and that can be hard to break a habit I think it takes like 30 days to break a habit so imagine all your habits you need to break it’s hard and you can you can find yourself something right back into it we’ve got to and both of us catch each other all the time coffee yeah I’m down boy one a week yes that’s too many you know we really focus on saving really sacrifice a lot and then we dumped all that money into our boat and now it’s floating in the water so now we’re now we’re you know basically living paycheck to paycheck how most people and but I’ll tell you like one it’s really helpless as the patrons you know that was a blessing I really wasn’t we didn’t really expect that to happen we did the videos for fun and to remember all the stuff of a three stand the kids everything that’s why we’re doing this for the experiences actually it was you know kind of we sat down between him and I and were like we all having a childhood videos and you know he’s always done really well with making videos for the kids so we thought we want to document this whole process for our kids so when they’re our age they will have those videos to look back on it and really need something special yeah you know I used to when the kids are smaller and it’s the military all over the place I used to make a video like like when you’re watching and I would put it on VHS tape and I’ll mail it family members because there was no internet and this type of stuff I would mail out the family members so they can see the kids you know in their environment stuff like that but I mean so now and obviously it’s oh yeah worldwide but yeah we’re really happy weights turned out but like I said the paid some think we weren’t expecting that and that is something that’s just amazing and with my pension and how we live we barely make it so anything actually like two dollars yeah maybe can- how to document anything extra that comes in from like patreon patreon on PayPal sup it really is like wow okay we can do a Final Cut Pro which is amazing no I never thought we should do that so what we do is we’ll just put it right back into the videos we’ve been wanting to test our dog’s ability to swim since English bulldogs have quite the reputation for not being able to do so we had the perfect opportunity at a family member’s pool to do just that as well as test out their new life jackets we got got Dodd yes we just completed our test run for our Bulldog they cannot swim just so everybody knows but with the life jackets that we ordered they can swim they do wonderfully kind of like a manatee action type thing but that doesn’t matter as long as their head stays afloat it’s all good we tested it out we only did the Bulldogs cuz we know for sure that the Yorkie can swim and she’s about four pounds so even like stuff is GoPro floaties on her she would float but we do have a life jacket for her too we just completed it it was a success and we’re freezing cold so I’m gonna go dry out won’t say god the música hiding so that’s basically the savings part you know that’s what we did we sacrifice we cut corners if you have any questions about different ways to cut corners you know email us also you can check out that blog mister money mustache com I’m not affiliated with them at all but they helped us out tremendously so you might will check that out and I think we’ve touched on it on our blog across the top yes you’re looking for the numbers exactly how much we were able to make say all that kind of stuff yeah we’ll be putting that on Vimeo our Vimeo site whatever you want to call it you can check it out they search lazy echo sailing on Vimeo desktop all of all of our patrons get that for free the five to $24 patrons they get $24 for 24-hour pass and then at anybody over $25 they get unlimited views on our patron account but you can see it by going on like I said give me a connoisseur lazy get go sailing even if you’re not you guys you don’t stop I love it yeah next time on the lazy geckos we meet up with SBC wolf as they move into our marina to refit their boat it is so neat to be meeting with all the people we’ve been watching for so long then it’s time for me to kick off my heels and get busy with more boat projects we show you how our boat is coming along and we continue our series about our finances you you

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