English Bulldog Love His Puppy Time Toy :)) What a Reunion :))))

let me put a different things and keep squeeze it and Joe let me help you let me help you your mommy a toy yeah this is toys from the puppy time and we put it away for I think Apple years and once we took it out he recognizes right away and he went nuts with this seems like it’s kind of bring him back to his papi childhood time you love a toy to you you love a toy come on let me help you yeah haha money you wanna have it you wanna have it you enjoying your toy yeah you do only don’t destroy it as though don’t destroy it be sweet to it and gentle yeah you wanna keep it do you what are you doing now what are you doing now enter yeah yeah yeah no this is not for you so cool so peaceful peaceful all right say bye-bye everyone and so say bye-bye everyone do you hear she said bye bye everyone

1 year ago

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