yeah there be some treats okay leo same formation every single day planners leo charlie never changes let’s go bring chunk some treats eat junk good morning like my feet so welcome to Bulldog Daniel life number two we’re just gonna have some fun with the dogs today so I’m going to show you guys what I do pretty much every single morning so every morning I make breakfast and dogs hang out I’m sure you guys saw it from the last one but a couple things have changed they’ve got a couple new routines a couple new works especially this guy right here Clarence he’s a special kind of dog he’s crazy as you could tell he used to chase the light all the time that was on the counter over here now he’s got a new light fetish a new light thing that he chases every single morning and he literally wakes up and waits for me to come downstairs and do this because he just loves it it’s only on sunny days – he won’t do this on days when it’s cloudy but he waits for the light to come through the windows it like reflects off our phones so he chases the lights off the phones and he knows exactly that my phone makes a light so he waits more it’s a special dog I really don’t know what else to say I’ll show you guys in a second but I’m gonna finish making food clearance is already over there he does this every single morning you do what so he knows to go next to the piano because the light goes over there see how he’s looking at the wall he’s not it all started because usually in the morning I’ll put my phone on top of here and as I move my phone around it would hit this right here as you can see it’s moving on the couch and Clarence doesn’t like when the light moves this is what we do every single morning for the last I’d say five six months now we choose I’m crazy bully was only was I kidding and here’s a junkie man chunky don’t care about no light but you try so usually I’ll play piano for a little bit and clay player will come and sit right here he does every single day right yep just like that usually just spend some time with the dogs petted and stuff in between plates and songs and whatnot they love it it’s a routine I mean I love it too it’s my routine so now we have to feed the animals we have birds we have Turtles so as I feed the birds Clarence and Charlie wait the gate for me birds are over here I’m gonna take care of them real quick and I’ll check back in who do you got least snow it’s two there so what is that for well Charlie doesn’t eat it because his nose is nice and pretty and so is Leos but Clarence and chunk lick all the time so if you look at their nose you got Pressy nose you do have a crusty nose salt nose bud I know it doesn’t look fun yeah white guy Charlie sodas nice says Leo’s crazy oh yeah Italy Oh tries to lick it off of Lisa’s finger see Leo likes it when he doesn’t need it good night if we doesn’t mean actually all right you see Charlie right here every morning he does this he stares at me with that face you see that face look at that face right there he stares at me with those eyes until I bring him for a walk it’s unbelievable woody woke up where do you want to go you guys will go for a walk you boys won’t go for a walk good let’s go okay hold on now carry on so a lot of people say you should put your dogs and harnesses and I totally agree but these dogs are they’re extremely boring we just have the regular collars on them because they don’t run they don’t do anything crazy quick a little lab just to get their legs going and then on to the rest of the day Oh clearance started up Oh take a poop he hasn’t get it run or huh okay usually man you couldn’t wait when nature calls nature calls man you just pooped on the front yard alright boys did you go to sleep for a little bit we’re gonna go get you guys some surprises alright we’ll be back and we’re gonna have some fun okay so you guys take a little nap we’re gonna get some fun things for the dog we’re gonna go find a nice big ba ll ball I can’t say they’ll get too excited but it’s a beautiful day so and we’re also gonna get clearance a new pool he loves going in his pool so we’re gonna go pick that stuff up we’re gonna let the dogs relax for a little bit and we’ll be back we just got some stuff for the dog we ended up getting a pool for clearance cuz he loves it we got this massive frisbee thing for Leo he should be at this I don’t even know how this is gonna work but it’s called a wubble Bubble Ball that kid looks really happy so we’ll see how it goes probably gonna pop it within the first like five minutes but should make for great video all right so we got all the stuff to play with the dogs my wife was in the backyard she came running inside because some reason hold on to be living in this tree right here behind me and they swarmed around her didn’t sting or anything but she ran in the house I had to run downstairs I didn’t know what’s going on so that’s why we’re gonna have to go to my mom’s house but I’m going to show you guys the use right now it’s kind of crazy they’re liking like a knot in the tree can you guys see all those bees the whole bunch of they’re not happy Lisa describe the be swarming incident in the backyard I thought I was gonna die there’s hundreds of these surrounding me and these guys didn’t get it and they almost got stung but we’re okay we made it otherwise that really happened so now we can’t play in the backyard so we’re actually gonna go to my parents house so we got Clarence and we got Charlie there’s Charlie what’s up Charlie they love going in the car it’s like one of their favorite things so we’re gonna go to my parents house we’re gonna go in their backyard where there’s no bees we’re gonna also going to go check in with my mom’s Bulldogs Neffe and Ollie so Neffe is Charlie’s brother actually but they don’t look anything alike they don’t act alike they’re way different and you guys will see Charlie loves going to the car look at him he’s cool pilot it’s before right there alright we just got to my mom’s house and look who showed up the official big boy he’s gonna be here to help us out with the dogs my mom’s got this awesome setup she’s got like two acres she’s got a separate garage she’s got an awesome house and there’s a lake in the backyard big boys going to help us out we have our dog already in my mom’s backyard and they already saw me I’ve just pumped up this ball right here this wobble ball listen this thing is so strange I don’t know it’s made out of but my dogs are going to freak out and as you can see they are ready at the gate so let’s film this big boy big boys on the camera today play the ball using the BOSU ball okay here we go go get oh my gosh hi boys pong let me guess I’ll play the other ball let’s go go go I’ll go get the green box hey this stuff is my go so watch this I’m gonna spice up the party a little bit good thing we brought a pack of all all right here we go get get it yeah got that good all right great all right last one and then you guys have a single break in Clarence’s hot Oh ready ready sit sit sit sit you’re even listening yes get it good you guys hear that noise wow that is the noise that means we take a break hey camera camera hey camera how you doing boy little do you guys know this is what they have to do every single time about the skate park out there a hot session alright so that was a lot of fun the boys love the ball but literally they will don’t go till they drop so you need to know how to regulate them that’s why we have the pool here the water is nice and cool as you can see they’re already calmed down everybody’s better there we go but I’m going to try to bring out my mom’s dogs Neffe and Ollie and we’re going to see how they do with Clarence and Charlie so Neffe and Charlie are actually brothers they haven’t seen each other in a while because Bulldogs are really territorial so we have to be really careful in this so we’re going to keep them on leashes and see how they react with each other so you ready to meet your brother again it’s been a while what you guys gonna talk about peeing on things what’s up Neffe when done there so Neffe is like the ultimate jock of Bulldogs he’s like alpha he thinks he’s the man you can see he’s built like a lion he walks around like a like Mufasa look up he’s huge I know I may be like he just has no time for you they really don’t even care about each other right now good boy Johnny thank you so the Bulldogs are doing surprisingly well together they did spend a lot of time together when they were younger not just Charlie Neffe but all the dogs did we’re gonna get these guys all dried off put them back in the truck and bring them back home to meet up with Leo and chunky again so we’ll check back in a little bit all right so we got the other two Bulldogs in the truck they’re ready to go as you can see Leo is definitely up in our business right now so what’s up Neil we got the young gun and we got the old fart the big man chunkies here so we brought these two together because chunky isn’t so active he just likes hanging around and Leo is very active so when he’s with chunky kind of cools down he doesn’t run at 100 miles an hour all the time we’re gonna head over to my bike shop and howl in New Jersey bring these guys in they could say hi to everybody working there my little brother Maddie’s there um DK he’s working today what’s up you its BK Leo’s racing the track come on let’s go let’s go come on go go go go go okay good good wait you crazy dog he is nozzle there’s no way he’s a bulldog there’s no way he’s an English Bulldog he’s the fastest thing I’m getting him tested we’re sending this DNA to the lab he’s got to be part gold Retriever Greyhound or something Chuck he’s definitely a bulldog so this is the track behind my bike shop this is where it all started for me I started racing here when I was eight years old and the rest is pretty much history my whole life revolves around BMX bikes now and it kind of all started because of this so it’s pretty awesome bringing the dogs here and let them run around leo is having so much fun next we’re going to bring them inside the bike shop and let them walk around nature calls for chunk you can’t stop these things gotta go you gotta go all right so we got the frisbee out we’re gonna play with Leo in the back of the bike shop for a little bit he’s ready to go his dog is such a nut okay ready okay he is humble ooh I love that dog so much oh yeah game over Leo wins frisbee zero Leo won he has so much fun though we’re gonna go bring him inside the bike shop now let him go cruise around chug you probably already made himself at home so let’s go inside and see what the Bulldogs did with the bikes so we’ve had this bike shop since 2007 it’s pretty awesome ever since I was a little kid I’ve been coming here I remember when I was in second grade I drew a picture of this place that’s how much I loved it so now that it’s our bike shots crazy to me it blows my mind so kids follow your dreams that’s all I got to say so we’re going to let the Bulldogs walk around and let’s have some fun good Willie okay oh that’s gross Madi you can take care of that right you’re still on the clock I’m leaving in front of one hey you having fun ready go where’d you go I found this your check I think we have to get it so Chucky’s come on waltz with us oh all right slide you’re pretty tired huh chunkies done chunky quit that’s all he had in him so on that note we’re gonna bring the Bulldogs back to my house now chunky needs a break Leo needs a break the Bulldogs are going to eat and then we’re gonna give him a bath so we have a full night ahead of us so let’s get him back in the truck these guys had a really long day we had a lot of playing going on so we’re gonna give the dogs a bath right now and they hate baths none of them like it leo mmm he doesn’t like getting a bath but he likes being up there and he likes seeing the other dogs get a bath as weird as that sounds he likes like hanging around it I don’t know he like supports his homies we’re gonna bring the dogs up one by one and give them a bath all right boys let’s go upstairs everybody upstairs oh so good you get when you carry clients you start carrying clearance cuz he had a long day go yeah couple they hate it they hate being wet except for Clarence you like sitting in pools but he doesn’t like getting a bath your boys ready all right you guys are up next it’s crazy seeing all the dirt in the bottom of it afterwards sure you didn’t want to go so follow me sorry yeah this kinda gives me drop off and pick up let’s go punch on six go baby you let it set up whoa oh oh my god it’s getting heavier and heavier what’s the grand finale the biggest bull da winner ah homo Sam he’s so heavy I think he’s made out of lead but I love them Oh oh my god oh he’s gotta be like 90 pounds to this fight chunky man any last words he hates it you see that let’s sweat that’s not water from the dog that’s sweat so the chunky man was the first Bulldog we ever got we got him in November of 2011 and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into at all buddy what we didn’t think we’re gonna have three other ones we stopped at a pet place we’re looking at a couple dogs just playing with him – scene no no just having fun and she saw chunk she loved chunk because he was chubby he’s cute chunk was sleeping inside his setup at the pet place and we decided not to bother him because he let’s look so cute so we left him in there as we’re leaving he woke up and we uh we took him out we played with him when we fell in love with them chunky manhole washed up now we got to drive his big body off creating a special towel made for this guy no I’m just kidding regular towel oh oh my goodness foster all right all the bulldogs are officially cleaned now we have to go clean ourselves we’re disgusting as you can see there is a whole bunch of dog hair all over me my fingers are pruned up from washing them we love them so it’s something that needs to be done we got to keep these dogs clean and happy crews of junk so Jenny will you call that his happy dance that’s a joke is happy dancer there Debbie all right we’re gonna clean up real quick and then we’re gonna put the dog to sleep not to sleep I mean like to bed for the night don’t get confused let’s go beam in Oh smells a lot better the last time I come made you go to bed how are you quickly are you clearly ready for bed hello you leo you sleepy ready for bed you guys ready to go sleep all right well that’s going to be it I hope you guys enjoyed this day in the life of the English bulldogs part two they loved it they had the best time ever they’re so worn out they’re ready to call it quits except for Leo Leo’s ready to party again Lia will go all night if you could you know what we love these dogs so much they are such an important part of our lives since we’ve had them our life completely transformed and it’s so much work to have four Bulldogs and we love every single day we get to have with them but I hope you guys enjoyed watching this we’re definitely getting do another one if you guys have any ideas and what we should do with the Bulldogs put it in the comments below until next time remember to subscribe to the channel you can go on the Instagram the Krammer bullies my wife posts up a bunch of photos of the Bulldogs on there so if you guys want to follow me at Scottie Krammer you can go ahead also alright thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this one on behalf of me and all the Bulldogs over here have a good night hold on transfer

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