what is going on guys phase drug here and today I’m bringing guys a brand new vlog and right now when you’re watching this I’m going to be in Vegas if you guys haven’t seen my snapchats or anything but I am in Las Vegas right now but I have to record like three extra videos today and I already made like two or three so today’s grind mode day and I have never made videos in advance before like this so it actually feels really good having videos completed and I get to enjoy my stay in Vegas I most like a little clothing event and right now I’m at Sherman the vermin’s house my cousin Anthony and we are about to head to the mall the last time I went to the mall was when I went Christmas shopping so that was over two months ago and I don’t know why I hadn’t been to the mall in a long time so I decided why not pick up Anthony go to the mall get some box footage and have some fun so hope you guys do enjoy the video please drop a like and this is ours after Anthony and I went to the tunnel and played with the Ouija board that was one of the scariest experiences ever so if you guys didn’t miss that video I uploaded it yesterday so please don’t hesitate to watch it even though it’s actually pretty scary even if you’re just a viewer and just watching it it’s pretty terrifying because we did it in a haunted tunnel and I hope you guys are all having a great Monday I know you guys don’t have school because of presidents pace so sit back and enjoy the vlog what’s up man thanks for the water I’ll just telling them about how we literally were just at the tundle hours before Zuri I don’t want to talk about me I know I was just super terrifying but they’re going to check it out they should check it out right they make it hell yeah please like you do not want to miss out so easy or like the hot it matches your tattoo with your tie not far away woo you gotta move your ass you know smack I mean a single well Anthony just got injured by gum right – no I possibly crack my friend oh my god why is that ever happened you guys are you guys try catching M&Ms in your mouth and energy that actually hurts so bad well we out here at the mall 45 minutes before it closes okay I forgot to tell you guys I’m actually here to look for my future dog like I’m actually being serious with this I want to buy a dog now huh behind them now yes I want to buy a dog within a month so I’m going on vacation I’m going to Vegas and when I come back I’m going to try to convince my mom hopefully I find like a super cute one one that would fit in our family like Bosley does and then that would get along with Bosley so we’re about ahead to the pet store right now and go check out the dogs look at all the guys story we could form brother ah yes that was the way he’s gone what is it I feel bad for them though they’re literally trapped in you live every day it makes me want to buy each and every soul in here know what’s an Akita dog that’s Aikido really yeah Anthony the huge stakes in here we do have to make you dog this what the cat I’m actually scared of cats now this is my dream dog a long time ago I kind of want to play with one Hey look this is a quarry great here their bodies are like hotdogs liquid was definitely a found Cuervo Creve oh yeah all right no actually Nvidia’s dog is 60% 60% wolf or you here instead cute Alice actually throw your hand up and look at this still some Iranian all I get so happy like it still and I want to pack my second dog ever was a Pomeranian runs bulldozers going to your desktop according with my dream dog on all the kids so let’s see how they are and that’s cute I’m going to go ask to play with until we kind of play with the Pomeranian because they’re too young but we’re about to play with an English Bulldog those things are so cute and famine they have these rolls on that right when we saw guys like Joanna how films when you hold it yeah cuz like their rules are so cute of that look he’s about to bring them out right now but you grab will take good care of them alright yeah $65 this one 5500 such as precious wow most expensive right look so cute what your winner del put her down no way this is actually soak you in fat okay oh my god imagine this with Bosley $6,500 my god wait I want to feel out is when I hold he gave itself back wait that’s so cute like he buddy oh my gosh Victor of like falsely I just kiss you yes oh I think just getting some no rawness [Music] my god we are taking you we wanna make you all those that everything if I went to buy a dog it was that way me with one whistle what it would enhance we get away why on some shoes oh he’s a link to what the key is other bite all right you got ready to say yeah oh go play go boys oh he’s not Bosley done okay give me five look here’s black nails no one is better take it kid ah cute I’m not lying I think if my mom actually saw this dog she would have no problem with me bringing him home for her oh so you I can see her as a new addition to the rug family no the black males right here oh boy that’s so cute okay shake like this like this I’ll teach you okay just the rules guys do you think I should get this dog out of all the ones I choking the cages you guys think I should get this one when I come back to Vegas like I’m telling you I’m actually gonna have a talk with my mom and I’ll buy a new dog party no way Bosley has farted so many times like yeah in my bed hi look at you doing with doin I think your girl fans will appreciate yeah I’m sorry guys come on dude look look at her her hand is just holding on to you for dear life the way he fits under there look at this look at this more like Spinney uh-oh Paul uses a little bug Oh tubular jump again Oh everything they’re trained to make themselves a little bit tricky I know right now a secret like down on the only oh look at that well one of my both hack might only use any well oh good tell the eyes are closed deep this one likes me as much as the other one nope nice he’s way more active do you think you’re cool you say you think I’ll go down go play let’s see what they do with the couch oh my god okay I’m saying hey Illinois semi she’s trying to make a baby no okay oh I’m very real chill chill yeah you want to be the one there what’s up man you watch my videos dude hell yeah shout out hey dude whoa hooking it up with the peeps now let’s go I got you a piece David Lee said you’re not hungry it’s two for five come on I wanted agent feed but they said passionately catch me outside but I don’t have cash that’s now finally the weirdest thing ever recorded just like Stanback gold catch me outside shirts and they make me delete the footage for some reason I don’t know what’s up dude how are you you guys watch my videos watch my videos shout out man shouts you guys want picture all right cool thank you man have a good one okay what are those all right guys all basically closed right now you want to do an overnight challenge right now look hi let’s hide in here I just want that rosy rosy rose did the flavor I want I want to know the plates a player and actually better not be closed I’ll actually this so the Apple oh yeah they don’t have real apples though I just had a piece that I’m gonna be stuff no I’m going for dessert desire happens you guys you guys eat like a nice little meal and then you’re like okay what snacks are there tell them the totally calm alright guys so this is all right here so like it’s like a kid’s toy store so fun last year my brother me Anthony Lawrence go to the mall those black Fridays but we’re all walked in that we’re getting each other kids but we did why so there’s two though and he’s like he’s like Oh crying don’t look I’m going to get your gift he walked in the to walk to this totally comments to get my gift Randy alright 24-hour challenge where are we gonna hide under there okay that’s a good spot go Zulu I don’t think they’ll see us hold on like do you think it’s mall security walks around okay you Oh oh my god we actually did it how did we do so overnight challenge holy city I’m surprised nobody like to know if I’m talking oh it’s a 9 a.m. guys keep already showing up to the mall we did it they didn’t note it does my socks we did the 24 hour overnight challenge please drop light for that is crazy all right Anthony go play hey Sherman the vermin ID yes guys look this is how you know it’s rigged actually no I don’t think they’re paying who I’m going to get this for Bosley who they have the new ones – all right let me play real quick after I got this little sister being second all right let’s go oh man I already start out that who well you got no more book or anything one already alright psycho sorry alright well welcome these are minor prizes oh my god these I might okay I was closing in your honor – no oh very nice don’t give me one for my back waiting for you you’ve known for my backpack I got you I got you good any Jordans I wanted the easy can I have this yeah you can have that I got you for sure $5.00 Jordan keychain okay I’m gonna play one more for the major okay winner gets both left and right shoes I mean first oh shit putting us back to basics my sister second I don’t think so what oh you are insane guy the penguin unsub increasing oh you are so dull this is so rigged I can’t believe it catch /c all right right back okay that was definitely a strike I was crying but like it was like raining good say this one it was fun almost got raped by Zozo no for real today was an adventure day with Anthony you know we almost killed ourselves up the tunnels that was one week and then we went to the mall we had some fun so I’m not going to sleep tonight no for real way why’d you remind me of the Ouija board I’m so scared we didn’t get the board we left it there you know what the legend has no my friend Matthew said did you leave the board that I said yes I’m going to get it no way I’m going to get at Matthew turn whoa okay okay shout out to Matthew Anthony’s friend is going to go to the tunnel to get it back because I know it’s bad to leave it legend has it that if you leave a Ouija board somewhere after you’re done playing with it will appear in your house again imagine I wake up and the Ouija board is on my chair with the planchette that I lost in the water with blood on it it’s not Zaza I’m not saying it don’t say it don’t please thanks for watching the vlog if you enjoyed please be sure to drop a like alright shout out to Allen Newlin for having my post notifications on turn on post notifications and tweet me proof first shout out at the end of my video subscribe if you’re new drop a like share the video you guys so much for watching we do a free thing you check out sharing the bourbons channel and other than that it’s been rug and seven environment and we are out peace

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