hi you guys and happy whatever Davis is I think this is an extra vlog day because it’s all about this girl may this may she’s our new baby she’s a good good girl so from this vlog you’ll see us getting her picking her up and all that fun stuff in just a lot of her meeting chewy and all that crazy stuff and all the health problems that she’s been going through and you guys enjoy and she’s doing great I think she we have had her now a little over a week and Chewy’s warming up and everything is going good and she’s doing good so yay for positivity forgot to mention that you can follow Mavis May and Chewie now on their Instagram account called a pom and a bully I’ll have a link below and I pretty much post every day just random pictures and right now it’s mostly a purse sleeping what are you doing aren’t you hurting your neck we are headed to go pick up our Bulldog or need to be me someone’s I think more excited than I am quite but I can’t wait oh well barks oh yeah when to just hold her and bite her skin I just want to take your head and pick her up like that and like shake let’s do a little fat bet do that and I’ll pick her up and then we’re gonna bring her to a different pet smart because the pet smart that we usually go to choose a stain now doesn’t want to go take my lorilynn now doesn’t want to go and be there cuz I’ll pick him up I can’t I it’s hard enough for me to be here in town and have him there I can’t be in the same place season not to and not get him so we’re picking up her food some other steps and all her little goodies and her totally yeah sure baby don’t let her get in that stuff she might run off there’s a dog over there hi baby you get to be really me my baby okay Meech okay maybe the cameras too much right now their shields on their first walk and try this I’m gonna get her a harness later come on can I taste come on you wanna walk she’s like I’m so confused good girl I know that’s dangerous dangerous oh dear she goes there she goes there she goes she she goes she goes hey little sweetie come on it’s been your dream hey little monkey hey little monkey hey little monkey I think so come on come on walk away from that poop hey hey baby girl baby girl my good girl can’t even walk a little that was a little bigger on you hopefully she’ll see you there you go what you get the for her first poop on camera hey girl you did yes well we’re going on what day what day is this day four or five and it’s better Friday just like about a year I got tired you are playing with her day six and we ended up naming her Mavis May I can’t I can’t her if we walk better or not I think she’s grown she has been a handful she had a UTI still has a she’s on antibiotics so that’s been a nightmare trying to potty trainer but she’s been doing good and then we got this guy over here don’t we Nene dem ago Boulet he’s getting used to her I think he didn’t used to your sister huh yeah a little naked boy and then I found a lump on his ribs and I think it’s just where they gave him his updated rabies shot so they’re gonna keep an eye on it so that’s been really nice and stress-free though yeah but they did a biopsy and it was fine so hopefully that’s just the where they gave him a shot because he got a shot about are we gonna have a go but if I freaked out freaked out I’ve been kind of a nightmare these past couple days both of them but I think things are slowing down they’re chewy Julie come here now hope you guys enjoyed this vlog in meeting our new baby girl Mavis match this is quite the addition she she’s probably about to go to sleep she is so spoiled just like chewy and these are just our little baby and I’m so glad she’s feeling better because she’s been so miserable haven’t you I know mmm she’s a good way for me mom yeah I make out with my dogs what are you gonna do so anyway yeah all of them on Instagram if you want to see cute little puppy pics of these two little demons so I will see you guys later thank you so much for watching kebapi what is that is there alcohol in it it’s really young I know yeah try maybe I give that one shot oh okay cameras on go you’ve got to now once you stand up it’s a little laugh that’s

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