i Love Dogs Presents The English Bulldog

the most human-like qualities the olde english bulldogge dates back the ama 1500s and was once used for the savage sport of bull baiting fortunately for today’s bulldogs there are nothing but a beloved companion the English Bulldog originated in the United Kingdom this breed is the mascot for 39 American universities and the US Marine Corps no matter what the season or what the reason there’s not much cuter than a bulldog best human characteristics Joe is a six year old bulldog he’s a really super dog his family dog he’s one of those dogs that stays at home he’s an all-around sweet dog very healthy very athletic love the jump loves to play loves on the post lots kids absolutely wild about chaos a great family other than keeping the air conditioning on in the summertime that’s about any of the Bronchos collard greens really need to be acquisition of the summertime really make sure you get a bull ball ramp it’ll greener preferably from the Bulldog level dilemma the English Bulldog is a bracket cephalic breed meaning that it has a very short face and jaw this can create breathing issues ja issues and can also create a situation where a bulldog can become overheated careful cleaning of your Bulldogs face and putting a little dab of petroleum jelly on it dry nose will go a long way Bulldog is a great great for companionship unfortunately I have a lot of problems related to their genetics there can be a lot of skin problems that affect bulldogs especially around the skin folds on their face tears will pretty produce moisture on the skin that allows for the growth of bacteria needs so regularly English skin folds clean even with a Kleenex is a really good general practice to help to make your Bulldogs health better bulldogs in general because they tend to have sure their faces the positioning of their teeth isn’t like you would expect with a long snout a dog was result of teeth are crooked creates a different surface for tartar and calculus to accumulate bacteria in the mouth can get to the blood very easily can cause problems inside the mouth also due to their confirmation bulldogs are very prone to having problems with their joints as a result with joint diseases like arthritis is very beneficial to give something like a joint supplement that has glucose great sulfate bulldogs are definitely a beloved greed and it’s just probably has more to do with the way that they look in the way that they move more than anything else I mean they’re just big goofy happy-go-lucky rollie pollie breed it’s just a fun going to have takes an experienced the owner because there are some breed specific health issues that the dog has like most bully breeds that I’ve experienced their bully for a reason they’re kind of bullheaded if that makes sense they’re a little bit on the stubborn side they can be very easily trained but they can be a bit of a challenge at the same time the third month of a dog’s life is super important in terms of their ability to bond to a new learner and to adjust to new situations often what happens if the dog is is obtained from a breeder or from rescue whatever three months of age we have a really really difficult time with things that a month earlier would have been a snack that would have been really easy so I always train the dog starting myself I start without a leash without even a collar in the house and I use toys so if i call the door to come I’ll squeak a toy call the dog to come I’ll praise the door for coming in and throw the toy for the door to play so it’s done as play and very very gently and what you’re doing is setting up is that you’re the leader and the dog is volume this sets up training and makes it incredibly easier was benign fun thing in the world to do

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