Newborn English bulldog puppies WHAT TO DO?

hello this is diego from maui expo kennel we just had a litter of eight puppies and there’s a few things that people should know I probably can’t regulate its temperature so you need to have a heating pad or a lamp close by Westerners are born you need to stimulate them you need them to get started very important okay we need to get their lungs going and you need to get all this little access water that they have inside of them you got to stimulate them so you know they could start metabolizing all this water and getting it out very important you need to stimulate them also to make them go to the bathroom if you don’t they can get that sip this again they will die so you see that they’re filled with water you need to get this out of them so stimulate them with a little cloth or cotton and you’ll see that there’s they’re going pee okay and you need to move them around stimulate them get them going get their lungs going it’s very important okay you also need to make them go to the bathroom later on when as they get a little older sometimes they get a little bit harder in their stomach and they they can’t go to the bathroom as easy so what you do is you get a two cc syringe and you get distilled water and you just put it up their butt and this will make them go to the bathroom okay so that’s another little tip I wanted to teach you guys you got to stimulate them at the beginning to get them started this is very important move them around them all over the place this is what a mom would do the moms sleeping right now she just got over the surgery so you want to get them started you want to get those lungs going okay move them around shake them turn them upside down okay it doesn’t hurt him you just do as nature would do know their mom would move them all over the place and she would lick them so that’s what you get to do you know get a little cloth damp cloth move them around make them go to the bathroom and make sure they’re always warm this is the first four days are crucial okay you you have to have these puppies always at a good temperature they have a lamp or a heating pad with you so remember you know puppies can’t regulate temperature the other puppies and make them go to the bathroom the first stimulate them and you’ll see that they’ll still go to the bathroom get a little dry cloth damp cloths are in just make them go okay and as I said before if they’re heart of one of the bathroom you see that they’re crying too much that means that they’re not able to go to the bathroom so you get a two cc syringe and you just shove it up there what that’s it and you’ll see that they’ll go to the bathroom immediately right after okay this is a beautiful ladder that we just had and if you ever guys have any questions or comments my videos I know a lot of people like to watch them and always ask me questions and I love to teach people what I have learned throughout the years it’s very very very important to me that people learn all these tricks and all these things that I had happened to learn so here’s this litter of puppies today is December 17th and we’re feeding them right now every our work to feeding them because this is what we do have a special formula that I make and help them out so you can look at my other videos and my formulas there and it teaches you how to feed them or feed them with a syringe and if you guys want subscribe to my videos then I’ll be teaching you throughout the years what I learn and if you have any questions please submit them below and subscribe to my videos thank you guys so much everybody that follows me and Facebook and YouTube and for all the nice comments you always guys leave me and your this cute little little little midgets remember the first four days are super crucial to these dogs you got to make sure you stimulate them and get them going you got to get those lungs going don’t let them go to sleep okay make them cry and make them go to the bathroom okay sometimes they wake up drowsy from the anesthesia so you have to get those lungs going very important and make sure that you want to get all that water out see they’re born with water you see their stomach all you do is get a little cotton ball and start stimulating them you’ll see that there start peeing and getting all that water out and that it’ll be table eyes it get it out of their system okay thank you all again this is Diego from my wee Expo kennel and I hope you guys enjoy my videos write me or leave me any comments that you guys like okay remember to subscribe to my videos right on the top of the link it says subscribe you can subscribe and learn a lot of things okay god bless you guys and have a great day bye bye

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