Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About british bulldog – english bulldog

top 10 amazing facts about English bulldogs the breed was developed for bull baiting a practical way to round the bulls for castration 10 the English developed the breeds in the 13th century nine the brief changed dramatically after both baiting was banned in the 19th century eight because of its large head english bulldogs are commonly delivered by a c-section 7 the English Bulldog is the fifth most popular in America 62 English bulldogs have won Best in Show at Westminster 5 President Warren be Harding and an english bulldog for contrary to popular belief churchill didn’t donate wish bulldog three english bulldog are one of the most frequently seen school mascots in America to the ubiquitous Mack Trucks truck manufacturing company also boasts the English bulldog is its mascot won several Bulldogs have become famous further skateboarding abilities please like share comment and subscribe

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