Vermont English Bulldog Rescue [SIV433]

look at you stuck in Vermont brought to you by seven days and sponsored by Vermont tourism and hotel Vermont my name’s Avis ol burger and this here is Peter we’re at Vermont English Bulldog rescue in Williston we’re in 2015 forty nine dogs were rescued rehabilitated and rehomed dogs like Peter absolutely unbelievable what these dogs come back from even after two years when I go to Pat Rutter she’ll still Duck she just wants to love and be loved as cliche as that sounds it’s true and it’s true for all of these rescue dogs this week is the animal issue of seven days so we’re going to meet some adorable English bulldogs you oh there’s a bulldog oh there’s a bulldog oh there’s about five times at night they’re on beer commercials football commercials they’re on kid commercials and then you bring them home and no one has told you what you’re in for their health issues behavioral issues maintenance is a private rescue from 98 until 2015 just couldn’t afford to privately fund it anymore so Karen said you need to be a non-profit it takes a whole army of like-minded people to make a rescue work the goal is to save dogs they come from everything from puppy mills to abusive homes people think we’re married we’re not Karen actually has a fiancee that she sees occasion so Peter was bred in Vermont he ended up with some folks that basically locked him in a horse barn for almost a year and he sort of our mascot he says eating is good company is wonderful oh boy oh boy can you sit I have always liked the Bulldog because they’re so unique they’re just comical by nature they just have such personalities it’s must be sitting there always cute no matter what slobber slut I snore like crazy they’re just very low-key eat go out do their business sleep dogs they’re like elderly people they want a day that is very predictable like big heavy laptops these are not golden retrievers these are not black labs they require daily care when their health goes bad or they develop health issues they’re hugely expensive they’re very susceptible to eye issues allergy issues can go on and on and on endlessly we’re talking about vet care that runs usually in the thousands we shouldn’t be breeding them the way they’re being bred we should not be breeding them because they’re cute and pretty and they make us laugh let’s let them have a little longer nose let’s let them be a longer legged butter and Lou were surrendered to me and they were taken with 498 other dogs from a huge puppy mill in Ohio they had lived their lives in cages their feet are deformed from standing on the wires living an absolute squalor and were so traumatized even after six months in this rescue that they were deemed unadoptable they are on anti-anxiety medications and probably will be for life when you’re doing rescue work it’s a it’s a pretty dark world it’s heartbreaking there are nights when I just sit at my desk and put a pillow over my head and just cries they’re treated as as moneymakers you know and then as soon as they’re not producing then that’s it we took her off the plane the first thing we saw was that she had a ruptured eye and her whole abdomen was wide open I have to sometimes befriend the very people who have abused these dogs in order to get the dog out of their hands Donna called me and said she had just a ride home with two very stinky smelly sick dogs and did I want to come over and meet them I was here within 15 minutes I first got penny and Tilly they couldn’t walk downstairs they didn’t know how to walk from doorways she just had my heart even though she was sick and she was smelly and I ended up adopting penny and my best friend from high school ended up adopting Tilly hey what do you think so she’s been great it has changed from no socialization to you know I want to be around you they’re coming into their own they’re finally coming into their own what are you smelling here honey so Hamilton actually came from Florida he was living in one room and Donna said do you mind fostering Hamilton and then we got him home and he’s like the perfect dog we both just love him so much it’s just like our laugh every day yes we laugh all the time you the owner passed away and the dogs were actually the home for about a month well he had to be a completely potty trained as a three-year-old which was quite a task he was afraid of everyone and everything every sound startled him we’ve come a long way we’ve got a long way to go I think some people that walk into a puppy store don’t give a second thought as to where those puppies came from but if they could see the parents of those puppies and the squalor in the filth that those dogs live in there’s no way they would purchase a $3,000 copy from a pet store yeah you know you looking for a forever home so Jack was abandoned actually not once but twice in Kuwait he had a 15 hour flight the pilot that flies for us picked him up in DC and the ranch under mom Kris great dogs and they’re doing the absolute best that they can these dogs come back from the absolute most horrible circumstances and they’re lovable and happy and trusting and we could all learn a lot from them you’re mine you can go in we won in the burning my pity if the target molecule and I’m guilty you can find out more about them on their website and we will get stuck in Vermont you again real soon don’t forget to follow us on YouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter they’re so brave so Jeffery oh no if you don’t like your vet I’m walking important to not ha

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