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Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Vernacular Expression in a Digital World, William Westerman.

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Vernacular Expression in a Digital World" Book For more information, please contact digitalcommons usu. Take a 1 Minute Survey- http: Includes bibliographical references and index.

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ISBN pbk. Folklore and the Internet. Folklore--Computer network resources. Digital communications. Blank, Trevor J. E43F65 Bronner Chapter 2 Guardians of the Living: I wish to also thank the American Folklore Society AFS met, which hosted early versions of several essays contained in this book at annual conferences as well as on AFS discussion forums.

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As the most prominent folklore organization in America, the society has been a tremendous partner in testing out ideas, sharing information amongst scholars, and garnering support for the project. I am also thankful for the camaraderie and sharing of ideas that have taken place at the annual meetings of the Hoosier Folklore Arizoa, Pioneer America Society: Association for the Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature of Artifacts and Landscapes, and the Western States Folklore Society, whose Canadian online dating service have greatly contributed to the growing awareness of the possibilities for the collaborative study of folklore and the Internet in recent years.

Numerous people have provided stimulating discussion and postu- lations, womwn suggesting helpful approaches to managing the Love in harby proj- ect and its content. And particularly to Charley Camp, to whom this book is dedicated; I am most appreciative of his nurturing mentorship, womej ship, and encouragement in influencing my decision to join the folklore discipline.

He is both a scholar and a gentleman, and I am indebted to him for all of his support over the years. The staff at Folklore Forum, especially Curtis Ashton, Kate Schramm, Kristiana Willsey, Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature Ed Wolf are owed Jhons thank-you for their encouragement and work on the impor- tant volume 37 of the journal, which was the special issue dedicated to the Internet.

I am also indebted to my friends Ronald L. Last, but certainly not least, all of the contributors to this volume are due tremendous credit for their diligence in meeting our tight deadlines, revisions, and production goals.

All were true professionals and have made this experience very rewarding. Such alarm-sounding statements merit our attention, but the fact remains that this has been a recurring assertion within this academic discipline for some time Oring Folklore is a self-conscious discipline, and speculation on the future of folkloristics—the academic study of folklore—has been pessimistic at best.

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In a similar vein, Richard Bauman and Charles L. It is time that folklorists Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature to the Internet, not only to expand our scholastic horizons but also to carry our discipline into the discrset age.

The formulation of the World Wide Web network has its roots in the Cold War tensions of the mid-twentieth century. The earliest incarna- tions were spawned in the form of the U. Beginning inARPANET served the military and academic researchers as a means of communication and as a command tool mfet defense operations.

The development of HyperText Markup Language HTML and web browser technology allowed the Internet to expand from an exclusive academic forum into the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature

Inthe Internet was opened to the public domain. At the beginning of the s there took place a fundamental trans- formation of the Internet. The web Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature new ways of commu- nicating over the Internet, facilitated the use of the net, leading to its popularization, and, to a great extent, also facilitated and promoted its commercialization Bermejo, When the World Wide Web took off in the s, the allied disci- plines of anthropology, sociology, and communication studies began paying careful attention to various sociocultural Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature of the Internet, but amid this dialogue only a small handful of maturw folkloristic articles on the burgeoning Internet culture appeared Baym ; Dorst ; Howard ; Kirshenblatt-Gimblett; Roush With few exceptions, folklorists have Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature neglected the Internet as a venue for academic inquiry for nearly two decades, and a large portion of the existing literature on folklore and the Internet has been penned by armchair folklorists—scholars untrained in the vocabu- lary and methodologies of the discipline— through the lens of social science, communication, and literature degrees.

One of the first and only specialized folkloristic examinations of Online sex on Villahermosa Internet took place on the electronic pages of the graduate-student-run Folklore Forum of Indiana University,4 which published a special issue on the topic in spring volume 37, no. Folklore Forum notwithstand- ing, no comprehensive work that details the folkloristic matire to the study of the Internet has been produced to date.

It is my hope that this book will help to fill that void. In a discipline seemingly obsessed with a fear of its own demise, the Internet provides a limitless frontier for womej scholastic possibilities.

Blank folklore analogues between the paperless office and the paperwork empire.

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So why have folklorists taken so long to systematically study the impact of the Internet? The exact reasons that folklorists as a group have predominantly ignored the Internet and technologically based folklore are uncertain.

Still, folklorists of the late twentieth century have not budged. This lack of motivation in studying the use of folklore in burgeoning technology could conceivably rest within the ideologies bestowed upon folklore trainees prior the advent of the Internet and computerlore.

There has been plenty of internal chatter about the Internet at folklore meetings, and the Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature journal article, but folklorists have not engaged in a greater dialogue with allied disciplines. Once folklorists liberate themselves from their self-imposed boundaries of scholastic inquiry, they will be able to complement or challenge the concepts put forth by scholars in fields such as sociology, communications, and pop- ular-culture studies.

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The Wiley Handbook of Home Education - The Wiley Handbook of Home Education - Wiley Online Library

As Simon Bronner notes, the Internet is often thought of as mass culture par excellence, but it is hard to miss its qualities aSint a sys- tem of and a storehouse for folklore.

This is confusing when carried over into an Internet context. These are only Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature few of the potential reasons why folk- lorists have neglected the Internet as a venue for scholastic inquiry. It is important to note that not all folklorists turned a blind eye to the possibilities of studying folklore and technology.

Unfortunately, it appears that the majority of folklore scholars have missed this state- ment. While folk processes Security at free sex chat no email required Creek exist so long as humans communicate and create, the academic discipline of folklore continues to be at risk of disappearing into other fields, either by way of assimilation or by a change in terminological boundaries.

So there is still confusion as to what exactly constitutes folklore, and presumably the debate will continue so long as there are constituents to argue about it. Folklorists must be careful to carve out their niche in the scholarly dialogue so as not to confuse their approaches with those of anthropology or sociology.

What comprises Johsn expression? What do tradition, belief, legend, performance, and narrative mean in Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature Internet context?

How does the Internet complicate notions womem folk group, of audience, and of the dynamic, reflexive character of performance? As a mediatory agent, how does the Internet affect expression, engender unique folk- loric material and thus become a distinctive folk product itselfand reconfigure the nature of communication as a form of cultural mainte- nance and definition?

Blank spontaneously, from one individual or group of individuals to another under Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature conditions, frequently without regard for remuneration or return benefit. This description weighs communication and transmission more heavily as essential components than Ellston-IA wife swapping traditional notions of folklore, which cele- brate the role of creativity and aesthetics.

A reliance on aesthetics seems to place a stronger emphasis on tangibility matufe a mea- surement of what constitutes folklore than the terms communication and transmission might allow. Furthermore, it leaves room for prejudice— what one person may find beautiful or important conversely may seem ugly or frivolous to another.

This is problematic. I propose a combi- nation of the aforementioned definitions, as they all present limitations to the study of folklore matur the Internet and oftentimes to other subdivi- sions of folkloristic inquiry. For wkmen book, and hopefully beyond it, folk- lore should be considered to be the outward expression of creativity—in Murten-Murten fuck buddies forms and interactions—by individuals and their communities.

The debate then falls to what constitutes creativity or even what consti- tutes community. That should be the job of the folklorist to argue cogently one way or another. It may be noted that tradition is curiously absent from this defini- tion.

I share this concern. Instead, it is. However, I submit that folklore is empowered by its diversity; this definition is purposefully inclusive Hot housewives looking nsa Bel Air capitalize on that strength of the discipline. The result is sim- ilar to the way that printed versions of folklore originally stimulated oral tradition in the past. Benedict Anderson argues that technology Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature bring the vernacular into sight, thus facilitating community culture and promot- ing nationalism—traditional Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature and correlates of folklore.

The Internet has altered established A Finland girl s secret of social identity, which has made stigmatizing constraints such as gender and race less relevant than they are in the physical world McClelland One must then ask, has this been a positive thing?

I believe it has been. Due to its inclusivity, the Internet has helped to re-facilitate the spread of folklore through electronic conduits. We have these jokes and stories that will never see the printed page that exist only as glowing dots of phosphorous.

This may have been true twenty years ago, but the Internet has fundamentally changed the world we live in today and has been absorbed into the everyday life of folklorists of all generations.

Blank It is not a foreign commodity; it is a tool of cultural production that we utilize on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the cyberfield is increasingly 12 pm Smyrna for some oral or sex humans despite its liminal state. Folklore continues on the Internet whether we examine it or not,16 so it is practical to study folklore in an Internet context.

We must rethink the topics that have pre- viously captured our interests and contemplate their Internet correlates. In the fraction of a second it takes for the human brain to send a command to the index finger, a single transmission of text can be distributed to potentially thousands, even millions of people.

Internet users are frequently participating in many interesting folkloric activities online. Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature nature, e-mail hoaxes and forwarded humor cannot exist without the Internet, as they are exclusive to this venue. In the pre-Internet age, one may have seen chain letters or text sprites in the form of letters sent pyramid scheme-like to random addresses or as a component of computerlore or Xeroxlore Dundes a; Dundes and Pagter, ; Fox In this sense, the Internet is an ideal channel for the transmission of folk narratives, due to its anonym- ity and efficiency in the speedy dissemination of ideas.

For researchers, the electronic transmissions of narratives provide a greater paper trail to test out theorizations on the role of conduits in narrative transference. The Internet provides a new opportunity for us to study legends and their subsidiar- ies, such as chain letters and e-mail hoaxes. Folk groups are readily identifiable on the Internet, as evidenced by chat forums, Heflin women discreet Saint Johns Arizona meet mature, online political activity, fan web pages, and a plethora of other interrelated concepts.

New traditions are being forged in online communities, and web lingo—emerging in such forms as net-derived lingo see netlingo.