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View Full Version: What the Hell?

Is this for real? Right in my neighborhood! Really offtopic - but wonder if any of you have seen this before: We have to console ourselves in that it Ontario women fucked by Swastika takes one single fuucked to pull off something as ignominous as that.

I wonder if that thing is anywhere near this guy's place this guy lives near London too.

If I'm not mistaken, that is the Buddhist swastika http: More likely some backwoods arsewipe just didn't know better. Maybe so flying nazis can feel at home. It's funny to see that in that neighborhood surrounded by those big homes.

HS0CnwxJOss nothat guys living somewhere outside winnipeg. Figures that you know the person if it involves a shitty car. If they're trying to be derogatory and are probably a little Ontario women fucked by Swastika, they should realize that their swastika is backwards. I highly doubt some buddhist would do that to fucjed field. My cousin considers himself a Buddhist and he had a steak for dinner. In North America, I can Woman looking nsa Eden Valley see a Buddhist cutting a giant swastika into his field.

Maybe it's one Swastjka these people's http: For what it's worth, even if the person were Buddhist, I'd wager their still an idiot for putting a swastika in their field.

Swastika, Ontario | Revolvy

He's in Lucan, which is somewhat near London. What a pussy. If this douche really was a tough guy, he'd have a big sign plastered in his front yard to let the whole world know he's an ignorant moron.

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Tilted on its edge and "spinning" clockwise it's a Nazi symbol. Turning counter-clockwise Ontario women fucked by Swastika seated on one of its square sides, as in that field, Housewives want nsa Lucama a Buddhist symbol.

You see them all over Taiwan; the traditional sign for a vegetarian restaurant is a simple Buddhist swastika. Whether this wlmen just outside London actually knew he was making the Buddhist symbol and not the Nazi one is another question.

The guy who created that in his field is a nutbar - certainly no Buddhist since it's common knowledge hat the emblem has a serous negative connotation.

BTW, I've seen Nazi swastikas that are both clock-wise and counter clock-wise. I'm also surprised that this matter has not already hit Ontario women fucked by Swastika national news. Reminds me of the swastika planted in a forest outside eastern Berlin during the 's and was not public knowledge until the Berlin Wall fell post Frankly, I don't know what to think anymore: Just remember, the Nazi swastika is Ontario women fucked by Swastika a square lozenge not a square where the arms are parallel with the edges.

Von Rosen Naughty Callander, Ontario wives painted his personal good luck charm on the Thulin Typ D aircraft.

Ontario women fucked by Swastika I Want Cock

This charm — a blue swastika, the Swastjka symbol of good luck — was adopted as the insignia of the Finnish Air Force. The white circular background was created when the Finns tried to paint over the advertisement from the Thulin air academy.

Ontario women fucked by Swastika FAF had to change the insignia afterdue to Ontario women fucked by Swastika Allied Control Commission decree, where the swastika had to be abandoned due to the association with Nazism. I realize that. But after WW2 the swastika was As your link states: Nevertheless, for whatever reason, the Finnish Air Force still utilizes same, strangely enough, as shown here in a military parade certainly the Finns are NOT Nazis: Finns are weird.

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Nothing they do surprises me. As long as it isn't in a white disk on a red background, I guess it is ok. Probably re: Northern Alliance. Definitely re: Pisses me off badly. I live just off of Gainsborough Road, in adjacent Hyde Park.

Perhaps 2kms away. I do not relish the thought of Nazi Fuktards in my neighborhood. Go TP his house.: It is a Swastika, placed there by fuking nazi, after all. Kellestine and four others Weiche born circa was Ontario women fucked by Swastika far-right neo-Nazi political figure and building contractor in Canada.

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His property near London, Ontario, included a Ontsrio designed to approximate Adolf Hitler's Alpine retreat. An autographed copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf sits on a study bookshelf.

The Fernie Swastikas ( - ), a Canadian women's hockey team - Imgur

And In search of good friends are photographs Ontarjo former U. Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell and the Queen," http: JPG What's wrong with this picture? Click on it first to enlarge.

A clue: There's actually something very, very right with it. You could almost say far right with it Ontario women fucked by Swastika in the upper left quadrant, just underneath the pond. See it now? Yep, yet another reason to be proud of my London, Ontario hometown.

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The farm, just to the northwest of London, belongs to noted neo-Nazi Martin Weiche, a former Hitler Youth member during the Second World War who would later be accused of involvement in a plot to overthrow the Caribbean island of Dominica ostensibly to move all the black folks off and set up a sunny white supremacist island state, where one assumes that tanning would be strictly verboten.

He is well-known around the London area for the KKK rallies and cross-burnings he used to have on the property. The Bloody Ssastika of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which Caine infiltrated while working as a police contracted agent, eventually becoming a full-patch Bandido in the process.

I sat down with Caine who is originally from Quebec this week and had a fascinating chat with the man much of which you can find in Ontario women fucked by Swastika week's instalment of Babylon, PQ. The Fat Mexican is, in large part, about the slaughter of eight Bandidos just outside of, yup, London, Ontario inand it turns out that Weiche's son Dave "Concrete Dave" Weiche, vucked a full-patch Bandido, is said to have been a close associate of the folks now convicted of those murders the younger Weiche is not believed to have been involved.

So Ontario women fucked by Swastika can say a lot of things Ontario women fucked by Swastika London, but you can't say it's boring Actually, yes you can. Anyway, long Swastikka even longer, after Beautiful ladies ready casual dating Pierre South Dakota a photo of the Weiche place in The Fat Mexican, I decided to Google satellite map the Weiche estate, and sure enough, the swastika is, somewhat unbelievably, still there.

And I can tell you, as someone who landscaped for many years at a landscaping company Ontario women fucked by Swastika used to be situated directly beside the Weiche property actuallyit ain't easy to cut circles that perfect.

Parizeau wrote a book, the Habs suck and kids are getting flu Psst over heretake a look.

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So, yeah, Nazis. As an amateur labyrinthian, I can attest to the difficulty of properly sculpting anything into the landscape, which makes the above oeuvre Ontario women fucked by Swastika the more impressive. Clean lines make for easier goose stepping, I guess. Weiche is a lifelong Nazi, a would be usurper of small Caribbean nations and father to notorious biker gang member. By carving fuc,ed left facing swastika into his pasture, Mr.

Weiche is actually declaring his affinity for Hinduism and Buddhism—not the Third Reich—to low flying airplanes and the prying eye of Google Earth. Read this and check the picture: Just seen this thread now.

Dave's Farm is located north of Lucan, he's actually on Highway 4, about 5 km north of the town of Lucan.

This dude is on Gainsborough Road. There's about km between the two locations.

You can actually see the circle if you drive by on Gainsborough. You just Ontwrio to know where to look. There's no streetview on the road. Sure I could point it out if there was though.

It's on a grass knoll elevated feet above the rest of the yard. On top of that, the guy is 90 years old.

Ontario women fucked by Swastika

It's amazing he's even still alive. Weird Swastika building in San Diego http: Half-Finn here.

Yeah, we're weird, but this is another special case of Finnish weirdness. As a nation, we are somewhat byy to the people from Swastika, Ontario with regards to this kind of crap: There is a building at Lyle and Dundas Streets that has a dual-swastika brick motif on the top, although it is obviously Ontario women fucked by Swastika like the Air Force Free fuck Greater hobart.