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Adolescence is a particularly important and challenging time for developing long lasting romantic relationship Mannimg. However, limited empirical research has explored teen perceptions of ideal partner characteristics during adolescence or their significance to the quality of current and future relationships.

Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with 33 African American high school girls to shed light on the qualities desired in their dating relationships and relational factors that influence teen dating behaviors. Girls discussed the important influence of parents in choosing a partner and provided positive depictions of friendship and marriage with a suitable partner.

More research is needed to understand how and why adolescents desire particular characteristics, how socialization shapes teen perceptions and how these preferences may be related to current and future adolescent Seeking Manning male date with a black female choices, including violence perpetration and victimization.

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Benson et al. These disadvantaged communities breed higher rates of violence, including domestic violence. Black Cleveland pussy example, in one of the few qualitative studies examining dating experiences of African American adolescents, Johnson and colleagues found that the African American youth often observed gender-based violence in their families and femalle to understand the boundaries of violence in their own dating relationships.

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Furthermore, Raiford et al. Given that African American girls, in particular, may be at increased risk for experiencing unhealthy dating relationships during adolescence and in adulthood, more research Seeking Manning male date with a black female needed to understand why this is so and how their relationship Seeking Manning male date with a black female and dynamics may heighten vulnerability Black et al.

Given these elevated rates of dating violence, the current study sought to understand how African American adolescent girls perceive healthy romantic relationships and their hopes for future relationships in order to inform efforts to prevent dating violence. Adolescence, i.

During this time, adolescents are developing their identity and learning to balance their need for autonomy with their desire to cultivate relationships with peers, family and dating partners Collins Wives want hot sex WI Milton 53563 al. Simon et. Insight into what adolescents look for in a dating partner could help researchers begin to understand the developmental process by which adolescents become involved in a healthy adolescent dating relationship.

In contrast, when asked about the desired traits of a sexual partner, adolescents were more likely to choose external characteristics e. Adolescent beliefs about the qualities of their future romantic partners may be equally as important as what they value in current a dating partner.

Little research has been devoted to understanding how adolescent current dating relationship qualities differ from their goals for future adult relationships.

McCabe and Barnett suggest that, in addition to career planning, it may also be important to help adolescents plan for future romantic relationships.

Parents may allow girls to date partners, but specify the qualities they value e. In addition, girls who observe respect and trust among parents in the home may be more likely to see respect and trust as a characteristic of a healthy dating relationship.

Furthermore, the dating experiences and Women wants nsa Shickley of adolescent friends may also influence their perceptions of the ideal relationship. Connolly and colleagues showed that peer networks create a context where romantic relationships form and develop naturally. Qualitative methods allow for the collection of rich, descriptive data to better understand some phenomena.

Using these methods to explore African American adolescent dating relationships facilitates understanding the complex and nuanced dynamics associated with this important developmental period.

The specific Research Questions were:. Why and how? Participants constituted a convenience sample recruited across 5 public and private high schools in a large Mid-Atlantic city. Sampling, recruitment and interview protocols received Seeking Manning male date with a black female from the University of Maryland Institutional Review Board.

Eligibility criteria included: African American female high school student between the ages of 15 and 18 years old; enrollment in a participating high school; and, agreement to have the interview audio recorded. Participants were asked to self-identify their race during the eligibility process and again in a socio-demographic survey completed Seeking Manning male date with a black female before the interview. A total of 33 African American girls participated in the semi-structured interviews.

The age range of participants was 15 — 18 years. By classification, 18 girls were juniors, 11 seniors, and 4 were sophomores. Given the age eligibility criteria, none of the interviewed girls were freshman in high school.

Participant demographics are summarized in Table 1. Girls were recruited from various types of schools. Sixteen girls attended at public coeducational school, 10 attended a private Roman Catholic school for girls, and 7 attended a private independent school for girls.

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Though socio-economic status SES was not collected from individual participants, the tuition required to attend the private schools suggest the majority of the sample was lower-middle to high SES. Additional information about the schools from which girls were recruited is provided in Table 2. Participants were recruited from informational sessions at each school during school assemblies, lunch periods or special class sessions.

To increase visibility of the study and encourage recruitment, schools were also given flyers to circulate Seeking Manning male date with a black female students and post Manjing school hallways and classrooms. Three members of the research team 3 women; 1 African American and 2 Caucasian conducted all interviews.

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During the consent process, interviewers met to review the interview protocol and guide, and standardize the process Seekng interviewing the girls with special attention what Seeking Manning male date with a black female occur if a student disclosed being in an abusive relationship.

All interviewers mals at least 2 years range from 5 — 15 years of experience conducting interviews and focus groups with diverse populations. All interviews lasted approximately 1 — 1. Prior to beginning each interview, consent forms were again reviewed Single housewives want real porno Hattiesburg participants, including situations that would necessitate a breach in confidentiality.

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If, during the interview, a participant disclosed that she, or someone she knew, was in danger an IRB protocol was activated to determine the nature Seeking Manning male date with a black female degree of harm and the need for further reporting Sseking notification. The Interview Guide included detailed questions about adolescent dating dynamics. Specifically, girls Ladies want sex Almena their perception of an ideal relationship and how their perceptions may change in the future.

If so, why? All recorded interviews were transcribed verbatim and entered into Atlas. Ti, a efmale data management program Atlast.

Seeking Manning male date with a black female

Ti, 6. One member of the research team conducted the initial coding of all transcripts. To strengthen reliability and consistency of coding across all transcripts, a second member of the parent research team extracted a random sample of data to evaluate the coding at regular intervals during the coding process. Systematic coding of transcripts in Atlas. Through the process of coding each transcript the first step in data reduction was completed.

Next, Atlas. That is, qualitative data was assembled by its assigned codes to help researchers understand what was being said Berg, Main themes were Manninb through an iterative process of reading and rereading the transcript files. That is, through a series of on-going discussions between members of the research team, themes were described, and subcategories were formed as appropriate.

Seeking Manning male date with a black female

It is important to note that given the diverse school in which girls were recruited the authors did attempt to determine if there were differences in responses based on the school that students attended public, private, religious. No such differences were found thus results were combined and themes emerged for all students in the sample.

The Results section presents all emergent themes and subcategories, along with verbatim quotes to illustrate their meaning. Though not quantified, all themes were endorsed by a Lady wants casual sex South Coventry of the girls.

It is also important to note that girls were not specifically asked about their sexual orientation. An overarching theme was the transience of high school relationships. Girls regarded all current dating relationships as casual and temporary. Girls did not believe that their current relationships Sekeing result in Ladies seeking sex tonight Whitesville NewYork 14897 or long-term romantic relationships.

Girls discussed their plans after high Seeking Manning male date with a black female and talked about not wanting to be involved in a serious relationship in high school. In accord with the individual level of the Social Ecological Framework, girls described a desire to be in blacj relationship with someone similar to them intellectually and socially and someone who may share their values.

Girls felt Seeking Manning male date with a black female sharing things in common with the partner would make it easier for them to connect and may make the relationship last longer.

Girls wanted to be able to talk to their partner about their views on issues and to be able to voice their opinions about the relationship.

Seeking Manning male date with a black female

Girls expressed a desire to be with a partner who shared their approach to school and academics. I want somebody with good grades. No, why would I want that? I want somebody who has those same kinds of goals as me. Overwhelmingly, girls expressed a wish for their malee partner to be their best friend.

In support of the relational level of the SEF, the ideal partner would be a close friend that would be there for them when they were experiencing problems or struggles.

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One girl described Seeking Manning male date with a black female communication this way: Girls were uniformly against the existence of cheating in their ideal relationship. Girls believed that their partner should be respectful wjth their parents. The relationship between a partner and his parents would expose how she could expect to be treated in their relationship. During the interview girls were asked if they felt their perceptions of an ideal relationship would change in the future.

For those who discussed a timeframe, the range of responses provided by girls included 4 years from the time of the interview approximately age 20 to around the age of Consistently when asked about an ideal relationship in the future, girls referenced a husband Seeking Manning male date with a black female being married.

Many of the girls Woman want nsa Cedartown saw an ideal future relationship as a marriage. In the future, girls believed they would take their dating relationships more seriously.

While girls did not directly define what they meant by serious, it could be inferred that girls felt that future dating relationships would have the potential to become formalized, i. Girls expressed that there would be similar characteristics in their current and future ideal partner, e. Similar to their perceptions of an ideal relationship in present time, girls stated that they would be looking for a friend in their ideal future mate.

Be my friend, just be there when I need you. Participants emphasized qualities mlae being able to compromise, trusting, and a good communicator, but left out many others like respectful and honest. There are more things that come into play, as far as family finances things that will come as you mature and as you age. Girls expressed different opinions about what they believed it meant to be financially stable. Some girls discussed their partner as the sole provider for the family while others described their partner as cate to the family finances.

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This quote captures these sentiments: