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Summer is too hot

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O ne minute we are all in court watching Summer is too hot CCTV footage of me in a car getting pulled over by police on Bondi Road, and the next minute we are all sitting in darkness. The power is out.

The courtroom has gone black. In the sun all the cops, defendants, solicitors and a TV crew stand under a paltry few trees.

The temperature is around 40 degrees and the air feels viscous and substantial. Our case is eventually moved into the main courtroom in the city.

The Lox - Summer's Too Hot (Prod. by Scram Jones) - YouTube

There would be millions of these tiny vignettes being told all over Australia this summer, small stories of the things that happen to us and happen to our infrastructure and our Summer is too hot in the heat. They are stories about the way things break down, or are interrupted or are made difficult because of the heat.

But these vignettes all add up to something, a sort of mosaic that shows us what it is like to live in this country at this moment. In this heat we live cautiously and reactively.

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We plan around the weather. Psychologically the heat is also having an effect.

Over 35 degrees, and our sleep is interrupted, we exercise less, and feel more irritable. Domestic violence cases rise. In extreme heat, our worlds shrink to a manageable size.

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Give us a chilled room and a cold drink, and we can sit there all day, waiting for Summer is too hot cool change. My house is old and not air-conditioned in inland Victoria, and for almost two months now the temperature there has been in the 30s and 40s.

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Relief from this type of Summer is too hot used to be found up the road hof a dam, but when I swam there last week, the water was warm, thick and brackish, like swimming in something with the consistency and temperature of blood.

My garden is fried, while inside the fans turn warm air but provide little relief.

I've had only two nights at my house this summer. I'm a climate change refugee of sorts. I can't stay there right now, it's too hot – and so I've. Extremely hot weather has a bigger effect on life satisfaction than getting a That's not summer weather's only effect on human behavior. It can be hard to get too worked up over climate change, even if we know we all love to complain about: how freakin' hot it is in the summer.

Australia in summer is morphing from what currently exists in our popular imagination of long days at the beach, to long days indoors. January has been our hottest month on record.

In short, we are becoming more like Summed and less like the Summer is too hot of ourselves that existed 10 year ago. Dubai, where the summer temperature hits 50 degrees, is a hellscape where life is lived mostly indoors.

They spend time in cars going between their offices, homes and the mall - and buildings are connected via air conditioned walkways.

Dubai shows you can build an alternate Summmer that ignores the actual reality of what is happening out there — that it is 50 degrees and dangerously hot. And of course building that reality around the climate is an intensely neo-liberal exercise. Summer is too hot

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The rich are comfortable in the cool indoors, the poor bake outside, on boiling building sites and in Summer is too hot accommodation. Australian summers have long had their heatwaves and the odd day that is freakishly hot but this summer feels different. It feels different because it is.

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The run of hot days in a hof are longer, and hotter. Records are tumbling all over the place. In Melbourne last week, when I left the tennis to get a tram, it Summer is too hot 41 degrees at 6pm, and the air was so hot and dry that being outside felt like being placed in a kiln, and the idea of anything more than five minutes Stephenville mature nudes it seemed dangerous.

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The streets of Melbourne that evening were empty except for people like me, Summeg as quickly as they could from one cool place to the next. But yet there still exists in the popular imagination this idea of Australia being the land of the glorious summer. Of long Summer is too hot days and life lived outdoors.

That we seek cool, dark places now? That Australia has become too hot?

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Without the chilled room, there is discomfort — even suffering. Because things are only going to get worse.

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